"I wouldn't consider feeding my dogs any other way! A raw food diet was recommended for my dog many years ago by a naturopathic vet. Wolfie had been severely over medicated by several vets attempts trying to deal with a health problem, and this food change literally saved his life. We had Wolfie for another 6 wonderful years. Besides the many health benefits, their coats are amazing, there is less to pick up in the back yard, and it is more cost effective than buying premium kibble! That's not even including how many less vet visits you will have later on in their lives, which saves stress, time and money for everyone! I also want to mention that after dealing with many suppliers over the 12 years, Shannon offers by far the best product, knowledge and service!" — Jeannette Leigh

"I started using this product in April of 2011 and I have to say that both of my dogs look and feel much healthier. One other thing I have noticed is that my dogs do not shed nearly as much. My Shephard/Akita cross used to shed like crazy and the fur was coming out in clumps. Now his coat is shiny and free from those clumps of fur.

The best thing of all is how much my dogs don't poop. Before using this food, I was forever picking up huge mounds of poop, and man, did it smell bad! This food is now absorbed into their system and there is less coming out. It turns white after it has been sitting for a couple of hours, which means it is bio-degradable and is breaking down. Thank you Shannon for introducing me to this wonderful food." — HP

"I started using this food in January of 2011, and at that time I only had one dog — a Newport Terrier. She used to shed like crazy, would poop 7-8 times per day and her teeth were full of tartar. She no longer sheds and only poops twice per day and her teeth are sparkling white. Her poop used to smell so bad that my boys would cover their faces when it was time to scoop it. Now it is not an issue and I don't have to fight with them any more to pick it up.

When we got our new puppy, a Blue Healer mix, she was in pretty bad shape. She was malnourished and her coat was a mess. I started her on the food as soon as I brought her home and she dove right into it. Within a week she was actually up to her normal weight and her coat is gleaming. I just wish I'd found this food years ago." — SA

"Henley is a shih tzu poodle mix that came to me at the age of four with a few behavioral problems, specifically separation anxiety and colitis. He was a finicky eater. After Henley broke off a few of his teeth while trying to escape his crate due to his anxiety, I decided on a raw food diet. I had researched and heard how a raw diet rich in nutrients can help relieve symptoms of canine anxiety. Certain vitamins and minerals have proven to work beneficially with the brain and body, thereby calming dogs and providing them with daily essential nutrients.

I wouldn't know what I would do without Shannon who makes the perfect well-balanced and highly nutritional raw recipe. She has definitely made my life easier and Henley a much happier, healthier and calmer dog who no longer has colitis as well! He gobbles up his food every time! Thank you so much Shannon!" — Tracey Petts & Henley

Watch Behaviour Issues Disappear

Much like people, animals can be effected negatively by fillers and other low quality ingredients in their food and supplements. Once a dog starts in on our specialized Bones And Raw Food diet, those lacking in energy tend to have an increase in energy. Very high strung dogs tend to be calmer and better behaved as they are not reacting to the fillers found in commercial foods.

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We feel it is essential that all dogs eat a Bones And Raw Food diet. We also recognize the importance of being willing to let your best friend try a new menu, unsure if there really will be any positive changes. Therefore, we provide a FREE sample package. We believe in the value of this diet so much and know that even a few day's worth of food will begin to bring beneficial changes to your beloved pet. Just try it and you be the judge.

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Give Your Dog a Bone: The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs
By Ian Billinghurst (the dogfather of the raw food diet)