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When I was a child, my family always had pets which, of course, included dogs. A few years ago, I decided to become an owner of two Chinese Shar-pei dogs named Zoe and Wrigley.

I'd always wanted a Shar-pei as a child and not long after getting Zoe and Wrigley, I started to breed Shar-peis. I became completely consumed with not only the Chinese Shar-pei breed, but dogs in general. I wanted to be the best owner I could be for these animals and I took it upon myself to learn all I could about them. I spent countless hours researching and learning about dogs and what the "best practices" were concerning health, behaviour and training methods. I put into practice everything I learned in an effort to enhance not only their life, but my experience with them.

My dogs were doing fine, but they were far from perfect. They had issues with their coats, their digestive system, their eyes and their bowel movements. My house constantly smelled like dogs. I was always searching for a way to improve their health and ultimately their life span.

I tried numerous different "high-end" commercial brand dog foods in an effort to improve their diet and health, but nothing seemed to be working. One day, while talking with a dog owner, I commented on how healthy her dog looked. She revealed to me an all natural diet that their dog was on consisting of bones and raw food (BARF). I decided to give it a try.

Almost immediately, the issues my dogs were experiencing began to diminish. I became such an advocate of this diet that I starting telling everybody I knew who owned dogs all about it. Eventually, many of these people started their pets on the diet using my same supplier and were equally impressed with the positive results.

When my supplier informed me she was retiring and would no longer be providing the food, quite frankly, I panicked. My concern was not only for my dogs, but for all the owners who I'd encouraged to try the diet and were now satisfied customers. In order to continue providing my pets with this great food, I inquired with the supplier about how she made her product and I was fortunate enough to not only be given this information, but to be shown the process. Then the lightbulb went on! "Why don't I start making the food for everyone?" I was such a believer in the diet and the benefits it provided to the animals that used it. I decided to take it upon myself to continue making sure those animals would not go without.

The loving personal touch and care I give to my own dogs is embedded in all aspects of the food preparation. Recently, we added a bulldog named Payton to our family and he too is thriving on his raw food diet. I am dedicated to sourcing high quality ingredients and making my bones and raw food diet available for all animal lovers. I also strive to improve my products in an effort to make every dog who tries my diet as happy and healthy as possible.

Shannon Emery

Watch Behaviour Issues Disappear

Much like people, animals can be effected negatively by fillers and other low quality ingredients in their food and supplements. Once a dog starts in on our specialized Bones And Raw Food diet, those lacking in energy tend to have an increase in energy. Very high strung dogs tend to be calmer and better behaved as they are not reacting to the fillers found in commercial foods.

Give It A Try!

We feel it is essential that all dogs eat a Bones And Raw Food diet. We also recognize the importance of being willing to let your best friend try a new menu, unsure if there really will be any positive changes. Therefore, we provide a FREE sample package. We believe in the value of this diet so much and know that even a few day's worth of food will begin to bring beneficial changes to your beloved pet. Just try it and you be the judge.

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