The BARF Diet

The Bones And Raw Food or BARF diet is a mixture of meat, ground bones, vegetables and vitamin supplements. Dogs go bone-nanas for it! Consisting of fresh meat and vegetables and natural supplements, Shannon’s Bone Appetite BARF diet offers life extending and health enhancing properties for your pet.

Healthy Dogs

Does your dog have any of these health problems:

  • weight gain or loss?
  • bad breath?
  • excessive shedding or skin issues?
  • diarrhea, bloating and intestinal issues?

A Bones And Raw Food diet can restore your pooch to a naturally healthy state.


Quality Food

Have you ever wondered what goes into your dog’s commercial food? A Raw Food diet offers your dog tasty, naturally suited meals designed to create a positive transformation in your pet. More often than not, health and behavourial problems disappear and your dog will rediscover the friskiness they had as a young pup.

Pure Ingredients

  • quality meats
  • fresh vegetables
  • natural supplements
  • natural antioxidants
  • anti-aging enzymes
  • vitamins A, D and E
  • minerals & herbs seeds
  • calcium
  • protein, fibre
  • bone, marrow

About Shannon at the Doggie Diner

As a dog lover and owner myself, I understand the importance of providing your family pet with the very best food and care. The personal touch and devotion I give to my own dogs is embedded in all aspects of our service and food preparation for our customers.

I am dedicated to sourcing high quality ingredients and making my Bones And Raw Food diet available for animal lovers throughout Ontario. I also strive to improve my products in an effort to make every dog who tries our diet as happy and healthy as possible.

Watch Behaviour Issues Disappear

Much like people, animals can be effected negatively by fillers and other low quality ingredients in their food and supplements. Once a dog starts in on our specialized Bones And Raw Food diet, those lacking in energy tend to have an increase in energy. Very high strung dogs tend to be calmer and better behaved as they are not reacting to the fillers found in commercial foods.

Give It A Try!

We feel it is essential that all dogs eat a Bones And Raw Food diet. We also recognize the importance of being willing to let your best friend try a new menu, unsure if there really will be any positive changes. Therefore, we provide a FREE sample package. We believe in the value of this diet so much and know that even a few day's worth of food will begin to bring beneficial changes to your beloved pet. Just try it and you be the judge.

Get a FREE Sample


Dog Naturally Magazine

Give Your Dog a Bone: The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs
By Ian Billinghurst (the dogfather of the raw food diet)


We Only Use Quality Ingredients

Your pet deserves the very best which is why we only use high quality meats, fresh vegetables (organic when we can) and natural supplements — all grown or produced within 100 miles of our kitchens.